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Waltham Transportation Study

Through consultations with service providers, Waltham Partnership for Youth (WPY) has found that transportation needs of youth and families may be under addressed. In response, WPY is leading a study in Fall 2018 that:

• Examines existing policy and practice in Waltham around transportation

• Engages community members to identify gaps in current infrastructure

• Proposes possible solutions


For more information, visit or contact Kaytie Dowcett or Min Ma


WYACC: The Waltham Youth and Community Coalition

WYACC is a community coalition working together to make Waltham a safe, healthy, just and engaged community where all young people can thrive.


Our mission is to support a culture of mental health and wellness, free of substance misuse, for Waltham youth by connecting all sectors of the community, addressing root causes, and promoting advocacy, education, and policy change.


We monitor our progress, in part, by administering the Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS) every two years. Click below to read YRBS reports by year:


2010 YRBS - High School

2010 YRBS - Middle School


2012 YRBS - High School

2012 YRBS - Middle School


2015 YRBS - High School

2015 YRBS - Middle School


2017 YRBS Report

2017 YRBS - Additional Data Analysis


To learn more about WYACC, click here. You can also view our meeting minutes and related documents here, or email to be added to our mailing list.


Youth Work Collaborative

Our growing Youth Work Collaborative will provide a diverse cohort of Waltham youth with career development opportunities and job placement support by coordinating efforts among employers, educators, and youth service providers. Waltham Partnership for Youth will serve as the backbone organization, coordinating all aspects of the program, recruiting students and employers, facilitating job placement, and providing ongoing support and evaluation. Partners such as the Waltham Boys and Girls Club, Waltham Public Schools, and the Waltham Public Library will provide students with opportunities to learn vital career readiness skills throughout the school year so that students are ready for success in the workplace; the program will culminate each year with students being placed in paid summer internships.


Summer Internship Program

WPY is connecting Waltham High School students with paid summer internships in a wide range of fields such as law, biomedical research, environmental science, and early childhood education. We provide weekly reflection and skill building seminars for student interns and ongoing support for students and supervisors. Subsidies are available for eligible Life Sciences companies through our partnership with Massachusetts Life Sciences Center.


Employers and students interested in participating should reach out to Kaytie at


LACE (Language Access for Civic Engagement)

At Waltham Partnership for Youth, we strive to build local capacity to effectively meet the needs of all Waltham youth. That’s why we have launched our Language Access for Civic Engagement program. We want to ensure that all non-English speaking students and families get access to the information and opportunities they need to thrive.


Our LACE program has 2 components:


  1. Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment: Thanks to a grant from the Jones Partnership Fund of First Parish Church, we have enough equipment for events to be interpreted in up to 2 languages for up to 20 people. This equipment is available to any individual or organization in Waltham! To learn more about how this equipment works, contact Kaytie at To reserve the equipment for your next event, click here.
  2. Youth Interpreters Program: Waltham needs more interpreters, so why not build our own local capacity by training our talented bilingual teens?! This fall, a cohort of Spanish/English bilingual teens are participating in a 30-hour interpretation training. We encourage you to consider hiring these teens to interpret at your events beginning in January 2018! We hope to be able to offer the program to Haitian Creole/English bilingual teens next fall. This program is supported by funding from Newton Wellesley Hospital and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.


Weekend Programming for Teens

We have heard loud and clear that Waltham teens want more options for safe and engaging things to do on the weekends! In response, we are partnering with the Waltham Boys and Girls Club and the Waltham Recreation Department to ensure that there are opportunities for teens EVERY WEEKEND. To support this initiative, we were named a host site by the Massachusetts Service Alliance Commonwealth Corps program.  Beginning in the fall, we will host three part-time Commonwealth Corps service members who will help us coordinate programming and recruit youth and volunteers.


Youth Service Providers Network of Waltham (YSP Now) and Family Resilience Network of Waltham (FR Now)

WPY coordinates the YSP Now group and is a Steering Committee Member of the FR Now group. Both groups are comprised of youth service providers in Waltham who meet regularly to share resources, identify current trends and needs, and, where appropriate, develop collective responses to those needs. YSP Now focuses on high-school aged youth while FR Now focuses more on younger children and their families, with particular attention paid to the needs of non-English speaking children and families.


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WYACC is a community coalition working together to make Waltham a safe, healthy, just and engaged community where all young people can thrive.